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*You will get to -15% discount on any Juvederm dermal fillers procedure.


Special offer:

  • 2 syringes per procedure - 10% discount;
  • 3syringes per procedure - 13% discount;
  • 4syringes per procedure - 15% discount;


Thanks to dermal fillers procedure you can achieve such results:

  • The flaws of the face shape removal;
  • Increase lip volume;
  • Fix the face contour;
  • Fix the shape of the chin;
  • Fix the shape of the cheekbones;
  • Efficient raven’s feet removal;
  • Fix the shape of nasolabial folds;
  • Wrinkles between the eyebrows removal.
1200 uah
Hialuronidaza (Removal of Hyaluronan Injection Consequences)
from 2500 uah
Contour Plastic with JUVEDERM medication
from 3960 uah
Contour Plastic. RADIESSE (1.5ml)
9100 uah
Contour Plastic. SCULPTRA (8-20ml)
from 11500 uah
Contour Plastic. BELOTERO SOFT (1ml)
5500 uah
Contour Plastic. BELOTERO BALANSE (1ml)
6300 uah
Contour Plastic. BELOTERO SOFT with Lidocaine (1ml)
6000 uah
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