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*You will get a discount on the whole Laser Hair Removal (MeDioStar Next та MeDioStar Next Pro)

course -20% discount on areas of the face and -50% discount on body areas.

  • The discount isn’t valid for hair removal procedures made with MeDioStar Monolith Laser.


Problems which can be solved with Laser Hair Removal:

  • Unwanted facial hair (chin, cheeks, above the upper lip) and body hair (armpits, bikini zone, legs, arms, etc.);
  • Ingrown hairs and black dots after shaving;
  • Excessive hair growth;
  • Skin irritation after shaving.


Duration of the course:

Laser Hair Removal isn’t a one-time procedure and doesn’t remove hair forever, but only for a couple of years. During the one session about 30% of hair on the body zone can be removed. You need to undergo 4-10 procedures to remove all unwanted hair (in some cases, up to 15 sessions).

Laser hair removal is painless, includes low risk of traumatizing the skin or infection. This method removes not only hair, but also pigment spots, and is a good choice even for face.

Wax Hair Removal for Women
from 200 uah
Wax Hair Removal for Men
from 300 uah
Sugaring Hair Removal for Women
from 90 uah
Sugaring Hair Removal for Men
from 250 uah
Nano Hair Remova
from 250 uah
Laser Hair Removal for Women
from 190 uah
Laser Hair Removal for Men
from 220 uah
Anaesthetic (Emla cream) (cost depending on area cost)
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