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*The procedure cost with discount proposition:

  • Instant payment for 2 procedures – cost: 6900 UAH, discount – 1100 UAH
  • Instant payment for 3 procedures – cost: 8500 UAH, discount – 3500 UAH


Which problems can vaginoplasty solve?

  • Dryness and atrophy of muscosa;
  • Decreasing of genitals muscle tone;
  • Hyperpigmentation: vulva kraurosis;
  • Decreasing of libido and sexual sensitivity;
  • Discomfort or pain during sexual act;
  • Vaginal relaxation syndrome, “big vagina” syndrome;
  • Urinary incontinence;
  • Cystocele, rectal prolapse;
  • Age changes of outer genitals: hypertrophy of small and large labia, lipodystrophy of pubis, hyperpigmentation of vagina - perianal area.
First Consultation with Examination
500 uah
Next Consultation w/o Examination
350 uah
Next Consultation with Examination
400 uah
Interpretation of the results of laboratory investigation
100 uah
Vaginal Swab Test
160 uah
250 uah
350 uah
Cervical Biopsy
1000 uah
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