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An exclusive feature of the technique is the use of patented disposable nozzles, which allow not only to solve various cosmetic problems of the face and body, but also to maintain an appropriate level of safety.

Hydra Facial vacuum cleaning of the face helps to solve the following problems:

  • hyperpigmentation;
  • acne;
  • postakne;
  • hyperkeratosis;
  • puffiness;
  • stretch marks;
  • ingrown hairs;
  • enlarged pores;
  • "black specks";
  • aging problems (anti-aging effect)


What is the procedure of vacuum cleaning of the face?

The hydro-peeling procedure has three consecutive stages, in which all the above-mentioned procedures are involved, namely cleansing, nutrition and vacuum exposure.

The first stage is the initial cleansing of the skin from impurities, its general rejuvenation, leveling of the relief and elimination of depigmentation. Simultaneously with the cleaning of the upper layers of the epidermis, the skin is moisturized with the help of intensive serums that are delivered directly through the nozzles. With the help of a vacuum, skin tone increases, microcirculation improves, and a lifting effect is achieved.

In the second stage, deeper cleaning takes place. The use of special serums expands the pores and softens acne and "black spots" (comedones), which are then easily "extracted" under the influence of a vacuum, without leaving a wound on the skin. In addition, the active components of serums simultaneously regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, eliminate inflammation and disinfect the skin, accelerating the healing and restorative processes.

The third stage is completely focused on nourishing and protecting the skin. Nutrient components, antioxidants, rejuvenating serums are injected into the skin through enlarged pores, the composition of which is selected by the doctor in view of the problem to be solved. In addition to serums, masks can be used, which are also selected by a specialist.

As a result of the procedure, the pores are narrowed, the skin brightens and shines, looks healthier and younger. In addition, the process of cell regeneration is launched, small wrinkles and other visual imperfections of the skin are eliminated, and a lifting effect is observed.

The duration of one procedure is from 30 to 60 minutes.

HydraFacial has no age limit. The general course of treatment with the help of vacuum cleaning of the face lasts from 5 to 10 sessions, depending on the complexity of the cosmetic problem with which you came. However, vacuum peeling can be used once, for example, to eliminate "black spots" and as a regular cosmetic procedure to maintain the health and beauty of your skin.


Contraindications for the procedure:

  • sunburn;
  • acute stage of herpes;
  • taking drugs that affect blood coagulation;
  • inflammatory form of acne 3-4 degrees of severity;
  • dermatological diseases (in the affected area).

Our experience and feedback about Hydra Facial, which we hear from clients, indicate that the procedure is comfortable, painless, and most importantly, it does not leave visible irritation, as it often happens after classic peeling.


HydraFacial procedure in Lviv at the LeoDerm clinic

The "LeoDerm" clinic offers you an exclusive procedure for deep cleansing and instant skin rejuvenation - HydraFacial in Lviv. The procedure is absolutely non-traumatic, does not require a rehabilitation period, unlike classic "cleaning" or chemical peeling.


The clinic offers the following services:

Cosmetic cleansing, which involves cleaning pores, leveling the relief and tone of the skin, moisturizing. This is a great way to refresh the skin, eliminate signs of fatigue and stress.

Treatment of problem skin, elimination of acne and "black spots" requires deeper cleaning with the use of special cosmetics and vacuum cleaning. After the procedure, there is no wound, irritation and inflammation.

Rapid skin rejuvenation without injections and lifting. HydraFacial allows not only to clean the skin of impurities and eliminate inflammatory processes, but also to saturate it with nutritious components, antioxidants, peptides, rejuvenating serums, in particular hyaluronic acid.

Pigmentation correction. Serums used for the procedure contain components that prevent the accumulation of melanin pigment in the upper layers of the dermis, so it not only eliminates existing pigment spots, but also prevents their formation in the future.

Delicate cleansing and intensive nutrition allow you to use Hydra Facial for the care of sensitive skin prone to couperosis.

For men's face care, we use serums with a higher acid content, which have an anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effect, and prevent irritation.

 "LeoDerm" clinic is ready to receive you every day, except Sunday. 

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Hydra Facial Basic Cleansing Program
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HydraFacial Purification Program
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