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His Majesty lymphatic drainage massage or pressotherapy

Lymphatic drainage massage, aka pressotherapy, aka pneumomassage, aka compression massage - a procedure that is quite popular in Europe, is only gaining momentum in Ukraine. (Speaking between us, we advise you to sign up for the full course now, you will avoid long queues in the future).

So, pressotherapy is a specific massage with compressed air, which affects the human lymphatic system and brings the whole body into a healthy tone. Attention, one session of this procedure replaces up to 10 sessions of classic massage!

What's the trick? In the rhythmic stimulation of the muscles, during which the normal flow of lymph is restored, the body is comprehensively cleansed, excess fluid, waste products and toxins are removed. The procedure will be useful not only for people who have problems with excess weight, but also for those who constantly feel fatigue in their legs, swelling, and suffer from varicose veins. Therapy helps speed up postoperative rehabilitation.


Pressotherapy procedure. How will it be?

For pressotherapy, a special apparatus is used, which consists of separate parts: pants, cuffs, and a corset-belt. Our patients often joke that it looks like a space suit. We have to admit that there is some truth in this :) So, before the session, all you need to do is put on a suit and sit comfortably on the couch. The automatic system will start the process of pumping and extracting air.

What happens in the body at this time? Due to the simultaneous compression and expansion of lymphatic vessels, excess intercellular fluid is pushed out of the body and removed naturally through sweating and the urinary system.

In addition, lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the work of the lymphatic system and restores the body's water balance, normalizes blood flow to muscles and skin, improving its elasticity and appearance. Pressotherapy is absolutely painless. After the session, you will feel lightness, warmth all over your body, a surge of strength... and a desire to repeat it as soon as possible.


What results to expect?

After completing a full course of therapy, clients note:

  • complete elimination of cellulite, increase in skin elasticity and firmness. Sharp weight loss already after the first sessions;
  • reducing the intensity of swelling, including leg swelling, postoperative, post-traumatic swelling. Their complete disappearance after a course of therapy;
  • reduction of the feeling of fatigue in the legs, return of lightness. Positive results are also noted in the prevention of varicose veins and its treatment in the early stages;
  • deep relaxing effect on the whole body. Clients note unusual lightness throughout the body;
  • general strengthening of immunity, increased resistance to diseases and stress.


About the effect of the procedure (according to eyewitnesses):

What doctors say... "Thanks to the fact that during lymphatic drainage massage, not only excess fluid is removed from the body, but also harmful substances and toxins. Already after the first few sessions, I notice an improvement in the general appearance and skin condition of almost all patients," says one of the medical workers at the Leoderm clinic, one of the few in Lviv that successfully uses this technique. "Lymphatic drainage effectively fights cellulite at any stage of development. In addition, it successfully eliminates other consequences of a sedentary lifestyle."


About what customers are saying...

"Hi to all! All the time she tried to lose weight and get rid of cellulite. Of course, I tried sports, scrubs, gels, wraps, running - but you have to do it constantly, and the effect was not very impressive, and after a series of failures, the hands fell by themselves.

Among the many options, I was interested in the opportunity to try a miracle remedy - pressotherapy, without much expense. In any case, the effort spent was not a pity) The result is excellent! -1 kg after the first session!"

"This procedure has already been tested on all my girlfriends (after me)! And everyone was very satisfied. It was recommended to me myself 2 years ago, and when I saw the amazing result (-5 kg ​​in a week! in a person who was never helped by any diet!), I just ran there! The procedure itself is very pleasant! Boots and a belt are put on you, which are inflated with air during the therapy. All this is connected to a special device programmed for a certain pressure and time. You just lie down, receive an anti-cellulite massage and relax for 20-25 minutes. You will never achieve such a result with the help of the gym and diets!"


You should make an appointment at the LeoDerm clinic if you:

  • you will lose the war with cellulite and "orange peel";
  • you urgently need to lose a couple of extra centimeters on your body;
  • tired of swollen and tired legs;
  • there is a high risk of developing varicose veins;
  • you are undergoing rehabilitation after injuries or operations (as prescribed by the attending physician of the main pathology);
  • want to cleanse your body of impurities and toxins in the most comfortable way;
  • you just want to relax and give your body a "professional rest" as soon as possible.

Visit the LeoDerm clinic! We will provide professional consultation and select the best option for therapy. Your comfort and a positive result are the most important thing for us!


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Pressotherapy (30 min)
400 uah
Pressotherapy (40 min)
500 uah
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