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According to the results of clinical studies by the independent Dermscan laboratory, the Stratosphere device is recognized as the best in the fight against cellulite in women of different ages and with different body types in 2019-2020. "LeoDerm" offers to test its effectiveness on yourself.


What is the difference between the "Stratosphere" device?

Anti-cellulite massage with Stratosphere is non-invasive, painless and does not leave bruises on the body. All effective operation of the device is based on compression and vibration.

With the help of a special handpiece with moving spheres and massage oil, the beautician massages the skin, following the lymphatic drainage lines. The handpiece is a special cylinder, which has 10 rows of symmetrically located silicone spheres, which apply dosed and even pressure on the skin. It is the compression technology that ensures the closest possible contact with the skin, due to this, the effect is exerted on problem areas that are poorly corrected by classic physical exertion and diets - buttocks, back, thighs, breeches and abdomen.

The second important innovation of the Stratosphere device is vibration. During operation, the silicone spheres vibrate, stimulating the natural burning of cellulite, increasing blood circulation, natural metabolism and saturation of cells with oxygen. In addition, micro-vibrations promote relaxation and reduce the excitability of the nervous system, which is why the Stratosphere anti-cellulite massage is so pleasant.

The degree of vibration of the spheres can be adjusted depending on the desired result. A minimum power is sufficient for general lipo-drainage, and for the treatment of problem areas with "orange peel", the cosmetologist individually selects the degree of influence.


The peculiarity of the procedures with the Stratosphere device

Stratosphere machine massage is adjusted individually based on the first consultation. Depending on the task, the cosmetologist determines the intensity, duration and number of sessions. The average course is 6-12 procedures. The duration of 1 session is 50-90 minutes.

According to the protocol of the procedure, the lymph nodes are first opened and the movement of lymph flow is started, after which attention is concentrated on problem areas: buttocks, thighs, stomach.

During an anti-cellulite massage with the "Stratosphere" device, the temperature of the areas directly affected by the manipula increases, blood flow improves, and the removal of excess fluid from the body is stimulated.

The results of the Stratosphere device according to the reviews of clients of the "LeoDerm" clinic are impressive. Already after the 6th procedure, body volumes are visually reduced and body contours and relief are improved. After 12, the "orange peel" is imperceptibly reduced even in very problematic places, a slight peeling effect is observed, the skin becomes taut and silky. These effects are noted in 91% of cases after completing the full course. In addition, our clients noted the visible push-up effect on the buttocks. They become more voluminous and toned.

Machine anti-cellulite massage has a number of objective contraindications, namely cancer diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular, genitourinary, lymphatic and endocrine systems, acute inflammatory processes in the body, rashes on the skin, pregnancy and the first three months of breastfeeding.

You can sign up for an initial consultation with a cosmetologist about Stratosphere massage at the Leoderm clinic in Lviv. Call us and we will answer all your questions and set a convenient date for meeting with the doctor. Tel. +38 (067) 213-73-93.


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Stratosphere shape correction
Stratosphere Figure Correction (50 min)
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Stratosphere Figure Correction (90 min)
2500 uah
Suit for Stratosphere Procedures
500 uah
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