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More about the characteristics of smas lifting

The abbreviation SMAS stands for Superficial Muscle-Aponeurotic System. Actually, this is the basis of the peculiarity of the procedure. If a traditional face lift affects only the skin and the upper layer of fatty tissue, then the SMAS lifting penetrates much deeper, allowing eliminate age-related changes non-traumatic and restore all natural contours of the face. For example, a traditional lift penetrates only 1.5 mm deep into the skin, while smas lifting – up to 4.5 mm. Previously, this depth of penetration could only be achieved with a surgical face lift. The ultimate goal of hardware ultrasonic lifting is not only to eliminate age and mimic wrinkles, but also to restore lost facial features, to simulate the former oval of the face without the effect of excessively stretched skin.

Ultrasonic smas lifting helps:


  • tighten drooping eyelids;
  • reduce nasolabial folds;
  • eliminate age wrinkles on the neck;
  • enhance cheekbones;
  • remove bags and puffiness under the eyes.


Advantages of smas lifting:


1 Non-surgical face lift at several levels at once (fat tissue, smas, deep epidermal layers).

2 The ability to adjust the depth of ultrasound exposure, depending on the needs of the skin and the presence of certain problems.

3 Correction of all areas of the face.

4 Speed ​​and ease of conducting a procedure.

5 No rehabilitation after the Ulthera smas rejuvenation procedure.

6 No post-operative scars , quick lifting results.

7 Independence from the season.

8 Cumulative effect over several months.

9 The possibility of combining hardware lifting with other cosmetology procedures.

Alter's method of SMAS rejuvenation therapy has practically no disadvantages and side effects. Due to the minimal rehabilitation period, ultrasound lifting began to be called a "weekend" procedure.

How goes on an Ulthera ultrasonic facelift ?

Smas lifting is created for those who do not want or are panicked to "go under the knife", because the procedure does not involve any traumatic procedures. At the first stage, the doctor of the "Leoderm"  will clean the skin of impurities and cosmetics. 30 minutes before the operation itself, the skin is disinfected and anesthetized. The doctor will also mark the most problematic areas that will be affected by ultrasound.

The duration of one session depends on the area and the nature of the complexity of the problem, but is no more than 30-90 minutes. The effect of the ultrasound device is felt as warmth on the skin and a slight tingling or tightening sensation. After the ultrasound lift is completed, a special soothing gel is applied to the skin and you can go home without any recovery period, swelling or bruising! Reviews about smas lifting are only positive.

Most often, Altera smas therapy  performs only once, but the effect of this procedure is noticeable immediately and lasts for a long time:


  • clear and expressive contour of the face;
  • smoothing facial wrinkles;
  • elimination of photoaging manifestations;
  • reduction of nasolabial folds;
  • lifting the corners of the mouth, eyebrows and upper eyelids.

In order for the facelift line not to contrast with the skin of the neck or hands, these areas can be additionally corrected. To maintain a uniform and stable effect, you need to repeat the procedure every few years.


Is it possible to combine smas lifting with other cosmetology procedures?

You can. And this is one of the main advantages of hardware smas lifting, because its positive effect can be fixed and strengthened by other cosmetology procedures. To achieve the maximum result, the doctors of the "Leoderm"  recommend combining non-surgical lifting with:

  • laser cold peeling
  • micro-needle RF lifting
  • botox injections;
  • contour plastic using fillers;
  • biorevitalization.


Indications for Alter therapy of smas lifting

Cosmetic indications for the use of smas lifting are:

  • sagging of the musculo-aponeurological system of the face;
  • deep mimic wrinkles, pronounced nasolabial folds;
  • premature skin aging;
  • the appearance of a second chin, sagging cheeks;
  • drooping eyelids;
  • swelling of the face, eyelids;
  • prevention of destructive processes of the skin, in particular 1-2 degrees of ptosis.


Doctors of the "Leoderm" in Lviv recommend a smas lifting session to patients who:

  • for one reason or another, surgical facelift is contraindicated;
  • general anesthesia is contraindicated;
  • surgical intervention is not a close option.


Contraindications of hardware Altera smas lifting

Although hardware ultrasound lifting is considered a universal non-traumatic procedure, there are still certain contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • presence of a pacemaker;
  • the presence of implanted metal implants (except dental);
  • psychoneurological disorders;
  • diabetes, lupus erythematosus;
  • oncological diseases;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • tendency to the formation of scars and keloid scars on the skin;
  • intense manifestations of acne;
  • taking drugs that affect blood clotting.


Care after face smas lifting

As we have already mentioned, one of the main advantages of ultrasonic smas lifting is the absence of long-term rehabilitation. After the procedure, you will not feel any discomfort, except for a slight visual redness on the skin. It will completely disappear after 0.5-3 hours. Sometimes there is a small short-term swelling, but it is also normal and disappears without a trace in 2 days. During the recovery period, you should refrain from taking a hot shower and going to the sauna. You should also not actively sunbathe or visit the solarium during this period. Limit physical activity.


Smas lifting on the Ulthera therapy device in Lviv

Medical center «Leoderm» offers Ulthera therapy smas lifting services in Lviv. The latest equipment and experienced doctors are at your service. Come, we will tell, show and discuss everything before the procedure. We create small miracles, see for yourself.

section image
Smas lifting Ulthera therapy
SMAS Lifting. 1 impuls
75 uah
SMAS Lifting. Eyebrows (from 100 impulses)
from 7500 uah
SMAS Lifting. Crow's feet (from 70 impulses)
from 5250 uah
SMAS Lifting. Lower Eyelid, molar zone (from 60 impulses)
from 4500 uah
SMAS Lifting. Eyes (from 200 impulses)
from 15000 uah
SMAS Lifting. Cheecks (from 300 impulses)
from 22500 uah
SMAS Lifting. Whole Face Medium Protocol (from 500 impulses)
from 37500 uah
SMAS Lifting. Whole Face Intensified Protocol (from 800 impulses)
from 60000 uah
SMAS Lifting. Whole Face Prevention Protocol (from 300 impulses)
from 22500 uah
SMAS Lifting. Facial Mid-Third (from 300 impulses)
from 22500 uah
SMAS Lifting. Facial Mid-Third with Submental Area (from 300 impulses)
from 22500 uah
SMAS Lifting. Submental Area (from 230 impulses)
from 17250 uah
SMAS Lifting. Neck (from 300 impulses)
from 22500 uah
SMAS Lifting. Neckline (from 160 impulses)
from 12000 uah
SMAS Lifting. Face + Neck + Neckline (from 800 impulses)
from 60000 uah
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