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Endocrinology studies synthesis and mechanism of hormonal actions. The endocrine system is inextricably linked with others systems of our organism. Due to this, patients can be recommended to have a consultation with the specialist to define the reasons of some diseases and their symptoms.

When do you need to see the specialist?

     You need to see the doctor, if you’ve noticed the next symptoms:

  •       Dry mouth and permanent thirst;
  •       Rapid change of weight with the usual diet;
  •       Hair loss, excessive hair grow or split nail;
  •       Frequent toilet visits;
  •       Frequent chill or stifling, excessive sweating;
  •       The feeling of ‘lump in the throat’;
  •       Permanent feeling of weakness and fatigue, even in the morning;
  •       Low workability, permanent feeling of lack of sleep;
  •       Nervousness and excessive annoyance;
  •       Skin irritations and purulent inflammations of skin;
  •       Unpleasant feelings in neck and throat area;
  •       Depression;
  •       Unstable menstrual period;
  •       Irregular heart rate.

 Don’t hesitate to see the endocrinologist if you’ve noticed these symptoms. We are waiting you for a consultation in LeoDerm.

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