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Nano hair removal

The procedure removes vellus hair on the face and body with the DMK cream. The ingredients of the cream removes hair together with hair bulbs. This method of hair removal is effective, safe and painless.

Recommendations: for vellus hair on the face and body.


Natural methods: sugaring and waxing

Waxing is safe, has no skin type and sensitivity restrictions, though often this procedure is painful enough. The procedure includes the usage 2 types of wax – warm and hot. You will see the first results in 3-4 weeks. For those, who has a low pain threshold, it’s better to choose another hair removal procedure.

Sugaring is similar to waxing, but includes sugar syrup instead of wax. This method isn’t so painful, but is as effective as waxing, though takes more time.

Recommendations: not very dark hair longer than 2-3mm.


Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is considered to be one of the most effective and painless from all the methods. You need to undergo 4-10 procedures to remove unwanted hair. We need to highlight, that this method doesn’t remove hair forever, but only for a couple of years).

Laser hair removal is painless, includes low risk of traumatizing the skin or infection. This method removes not only hair, but also pigment spots, and is a good choice even for face. 

Recommendations: people with dark hair. You must shave in at least 12 hours before the procedure.


How to choose the right method?

You should see the specialist, which will recommend the best hair removal method for you. LeoDerm offers specialist consultations and hair removal services, especially laser hair removal.

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Wax Hair Removal for Women
from 230 uah
Wax Hair Removal for Men
from 350 uah
Sugaring Hair Removal for Women
from 120 uah
Sugaring Hair Removal for Men
from 300 uah
Nano Hair Remova
from 350 uah
Laser Hair Removal for Women
from 190 uah
Laser Hair Removal for Men
from 220 uah
Anaesthetic (Emla cream) (cost depending on area cost)
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