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All these impurities contribute to the clogging of pores and the formation of comedones - closed and open. It is absolutely contraindicated to squeeze out these impurities yourself, as there is a great risk of introducing an infection or leaving a mark on the face that will turn into a scar. It is recommended to clean your face regularly, at least 1-2 times a year, at a cosmetologist.

Gone are the days when classic manual cleanings were at their peak. Manual (mechanical) cleaning is carried out by the doctor manually squeezing out impurities on the skin. It has many contraindications. For example, it cannot be done when there are inflammatory elements on the skin. Also, in its process, the skin is aggressively injured, the patient feels pain and unpleasant sensations. The rehabilitation period after the procedure is 2 weeks. In addition, mechanical cleaning is generally not considered a completely safe procedure, due to the existing risk of infection, even by a medical professional.

On the other hand, atraumatic cleanings are safer and more effective. They allow not only to clean, but also to renew, take care of the skin without pain and with minimal trauma. In addition, medical protocols carefully selected for the needs of different skin types are used.


Advantages of atraumatic facial cleansing

  • the level of damage to the skin is much lower compared to classic manual cleaning
  • suitable for different age groups
  • there is no long recovery period
  • higher level of security
  • does not require steaming of the skin
  • suitable for dry and even sensitive skin
  • protocols selected by a specialist are safe for couperose-prone skin

In the medical center "Leoderm" we use cosmeceuticals of the American brand DMK for cleaning. This cosmeceutical is known and popular all over the world thanks to the rule: "Changing the skin - changing life."

DMK cosmeceutical treatment is based on the concept: "Eliminate pathology - Restore normality - Protect - Support the result". DMK formulas are designed and intended for the normalization of metabolic processes in the skin, as well as for the treatment of such deficiencies as:

  • acne
  • will supply
  • rosacea
  • couperose
  • pigmentation
  • age-related skin changes
  • scars
  • various dermatological diseases

Therefore, cleanings based on DMK cosmetics have not only a good aesthetic, but also a therapeutic effect.



  • no rehabilitation period
  • active components of DMK cosmetics penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and work with them
  • the skin is tightened, well-groomed, radiant and restored


Indications for atraumatic cleaning

  • surface pollution;
  • shallow comedones;
  • blackheads;
  • grease plugs;
  • enlarged pores;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • dry atopic skin with an uneven surface;
  • mimic wrinkles
  • prevention
  • scar changes after acne
  • signs of photoaging


Contraindications to atraumatic cleaning

  • herpes
  • eczema
  • very dry and sensitive skin
  • allergic reactions to certain components of cosmetics
  • inflammation, pustular formations
  • wounds, cuts
  • dermatitis, colloid scars, burns

A doctor-cosmetologist of the medical center "Leoderm" selects the protocol that is right for you after an in-person consultation. Since certain protocols of DMK atraumatic cleansing are considered as care procedures recommended to be carried out prophylactically to maintain a healthy skin condition, it can be argued that they are indicated for almost everyone. Make an appointment for a visit and the cosmetologist will choose the protocol that is right for you!

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Facial cleansing
DMK Facial Cleansing 1 Atraumatic Facial Oily Skin Cleansing
850 uah
DMK Facial Cleansing 2 Acne and Stagnant Spots Treatment
850 uah
DMK Facial Cleansing 3 Deep Cleansing of Olily Skin with Inflammation
850 uah
DMK Facial Cleansing 4 Deep Skin Revision: Fermented Peeling 'Dead Skin Cells Meat Eater'
850 uah
Facial Cleansing 5 Deep Skin Revision
1350 uah
Facial Cleansing 6 Deep Skin Revision + Fermented Face Mask Atraumatic Facial Oily Skin Deep Cleansi
1350 uah
Facial Cleansing 7 Deep Skin Revision + Fermented Face Mask Acne and Stagnant Spots Intense Treatmen
1350 uah
Facial Cleansing 8 Deep Skin Revision + Fermented Face Mask Deep Intense Cleansing of Olily Skin wit
1350 uah
Facial Cleansing 9 Deep Skin Revision + Fermented Face Mask Intense Fermented Peeling 'Dead Skin Cel
1750 uah
Facial Cleansing 10 Deep Skin Revision + Fermented Face Mask Active Deep Skin Revision
1750 uah
Facial Cleansing 11 with Alkaline Peeling of Postacne Skin with Stagnant Spots Active Deep Skin Revi
1750 uah
PCA Detox Cleanse
1000 uah
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