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Dana cosmetics - 30 years of painstaking work and own experience

For Ukraine, the Danne Montague King (DMK) cosmetics line is a kind of novelty, but in the USA and Europe it has been used for a very long time, because this line has been proving its effectiveness for 30 years.

The very story of the creation of the line is very moving. The founder of the brand, Dr. Danne Montague-King, had problem skin in his youth, which is what motivated him to find a solution to the problem. Today, this man is a doctor of chemical sciences and offers the world a program of treatment, recovery and skin care using enzyme systems, amino acids, vegetable oils, which can positively influence biochemical processes in the skin.


Who is recommended?

DMK cosmetics are effective in case of the following skin problems:

  • acne (acne);
  • postakne;
  • dry, dehydrated skin;
  • age changes;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • vascular disorders;
  • vitriol;
  • for rehabilitation after laser grinding, microdermabrasion, peelings.


How does DMK cosmetics work?

Let's start with the fact that Dane cosmetics do not contain animal fats, petroleum products and their derivatives. The main idea of ​​the line is that skin cells respond positively only to those substances that they produce themselves, so the basis of cosmetics are enzymes (active proteins that are natural catalysts), as well as plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and other natural substances.

So what does DMK cosmetics do? The natural active substances contained in the products of the line gently remove dead cells of the epidermis, clean its surface of endogenous and exogenous pollution and not only stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, but also activate the work of muscles, improve the supply of oxygen to the skin.

As a result, the skin is saturated with oxygen and receives the entire complex of necessary trace elements, and all this without artificial chemical effects on it. The effect of the drugs can be compared with professional listing, microstimulation and mesotherapy.


Three-step care system from Danne

The entire treatment program of Danne cosmetics is based on 3 main postulates: 1) cleansing; 2) restoration; 3) protection.

  • clean the skin of dead cells;
  • restore living cells, provide amino acids, fats and vitamins;
  • ensure a healthy skin condition;
  • protect the skin from solar radiation and other environmental factors.

Dane cosmetics is an absolutely real opportunity for men and women to preserve the youth of the skin and slow down natural aging, the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.


Anti-age line

Age-related changes in the skin are something that cannot be prevented, but something that can be significantly slowed down. The DMK antiaging line of cosmetics is based on enzyme therapy. It helps to eliminate wrinkles, skin laxity, muscle atony, gravitational ptosis. With age, the processes of microcirculation in the skin are disturbed, and depending on other harmful factors superimposed on each other, significant problems of the skin of the face can arise faster than is commonly believed. Smoking, alcohol, and an unbalanced diet also have a detrimental effect on the condition of the skin. And if these circumstances are neglected, there is a danger, in the literal sense, of aging by 5 or even 15 years.

Enzymes act as the main key to skin renewal. They naturally destroy dead cells, remove pollution and stimulate regeneration processes in the inner layers of the skin.

The most effective tool of the antiaging line is Danne transdermal enzyme masks. They maximally saturate the skin with vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids, and at the same time activate chemical processes in cells and intercellular space. Each of the masks has a specific effect on the skin, causes powerful muscle stimulation, comparable in effectiveness to electrical stimulation, improves peripheral blood circulation and provides a visible lifting effect already after the first procedures.

Often, in search of a quick solution, women trying to save money put themselves to experiments, using advertised means that seem to promise an instant and long-lasting effect. However, cosmetics for home use cannot solve complex problems, and unsystematic use of professional products can even harm you.

Dermatology center "LeoDerm" offers a professional approach, namely individual anti-aging programs. This is a cycle of systemic procedures, the result of which is visible rejuvenation of the skin and a long-lasting healing effect.

The main advantage over self-treatment is that the Antiaging program at our "LeoDerm" center is developed for you by a dermatologist-cosmetologist, taking into account the degree of skin damage, its type and the individual characteristics of your body.

Line for treatment of problem skin, acne, couperosis

Several types of therapy are used to combat problematic skin: keratolytic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Danne cosmetic products normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, restore the natural protective properties of the skin, strengthen local immunity and, most importantly, consolidate the achieved positive result!

Danne Montague King cosmetic products for problematic skin types are used in combination with an acne treatment program, where they are complemented by hardware and manual facial cleansing. In the treatment of problem skin, only a systemic approach is used.


Line for home care

Achieving a positive result is important, but it is much more important to secure it for the long term! This is exactly what the Danne home care line was created for. After all, what we use every day can improve or, on the contrary, worsen the results obtained. Success will depend on how competently selected preparations for home care are.

That is why the selection of products for home care of the Danne line is carried out after consultation with a cosmetologist.


Where to find Danne cosmetics in Lviv?

Do not delay and do not think! Sign up for a consultation with a cosmetologist at the LeoDerm clinic and start professional skin care. We assure you that you will feel the positive changes immediately and you will no longer want to return to expensive advertised brands.

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Face care - Danne(DMK) professional cosmetics
Fast Beauty Face Mask DMK
1050 uah
Mother of the Bride Skincare DMK
1550 uah
Fermented Skincare DMK
1450 uah
Total Moisturizing DMK
2550 uah
Triple Face Mask DMK
2600 uah
Skincare around Eyes 'EyeFusion' DMK
1200 uah
Blood Vessels Treatment DMK
1600 uah
Blood Vessels Treatment, Blood Circulation Improvement DMK
1750 uah
Blood Vessels Treatment, Blood Circulation Improvement, Lifting DMK
1800 uah
Skin Renewal DMK
1600 uah
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