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Who should make an appointment today?

It is worth thinking about consulting a trichologist in Lviv, if:

  • you have oily or dry scalp;
  • suffer from dandruff or seborrhea;
  • noticed the first signs of baldness;
  • you have excessively thin and brittle hair, split ends;
  • struggle unsuccessfully with excessive hair loss;
  • you often dye your hair and perm.


Diagnosis of hair diseases in Lviv. What should you know?

Primary diagnosis of hair diseases is always visual. After that, one of the types of computer diagnostics is prescribed to obtain a more complete and complete picture. It can be trichoscopy, phototrichogram, analysis of hair for trace elements and micro-video diagnostics.

Trichoscopy is a type of computer diagnostics that allows you to conduct a complete examination of the state of hair and follicles and diagnose the disease in the early, almost symptomless stages. The examination is carried out with the help of a special device - a trichoscope, which is not available in every cosmetology clinic. Fortunately, "LeoDerm" has all the necessary equipment for conducting high-quality diagnostics.

Phototrichogram allows you to diagnose the causes of baldness in men and the causes of excessive hair loss in women. The program is so accurate that it can identify potential risks before the first visible symptoms appear! In addition, with the help of a phototrichogram, the effectiveness of treatment of diseases of the scalp and follicles is determined.


How to prepare for the examination?

Most diagnostic procedures require you not to wash your hair 1-2 days before your appointment with a trichologist. The only exception is the analysis of microelements, in which case the hair must be thoroughly washed.

Also, before the consultation, you should not use auxiliary cosmetics: lotions, conditioners, masks, varnishes and foams.


How to get a consultation with a trichologist in Lviv?

Everything is very simple. You just need to call the reception of the LeoDerm clinic in Lviv and make an appointment - this will be your first step towards healthy and strong hair in the future. Do not delay, make an appointment. Specialists of the "LeoDerm" clinic are always ready to help you realize your dream.


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Consultation of a trichologist
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