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Food should be healthy!

That is, without dyes, GMOs, flavor enhancers and other harmful substances. The most balanced one to comply with the rules of healthy eating, the so-called healthy plate:

  • protein - meat, eggs, legumes
  • carbohydrates - whole grain bread, potatoes, rice;
  • fats - vegetable and animal;
  • dairy products - milk, cheese - a source of calcium;
  • fiber - bran, vegetables, fruits, legumes;
  • fish - though remember the mercury. Exclude tuna, mackerel, all kinds of sharks, fish - sword. You can - sardines, herring, salmon.



You can take 200 mg per day (1-2 cups of coffee or tea), remember that tea also contains caffeine, cocoa, chocolate as well. Plus, we monitor the baby's reaction, we see that there are no problems with sleep or excessive excitability - everything is fine).

Sweet is possible, but healthy.

The energy requirement of a nursing mother is 400-500 calories greater than that of a non-nursing woman.



Everything is here, the site is e-lactacia org - enter the name of the drug and the site indicates its compatibility with breastfeeding. Do not forget about the half-life of the drug.



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