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People often forget to wash their hands, not to mention treating their hands with antiseptics. Such self-activity can contribute to the introduction of infection, which will further worsen the inflammatory process, and new rashes will appear.


Scars and post-inflammatory spots may appear after such a procedure. Pigmentation is caused by increased synthesis of melanin at the site of inflammation. And a scar occurs when the basal layer (the deepest layer of the epidermis) is affected. Because it is from this layer that new cells are formed accordingly, if it is damaged, it is not possible to generate new cells to "patch" the damaged area. If only the surface layers of the epidermis are damaged, there will be no scar.


If the abscess is squeezed out incorrectly, its contents can enter the adjacent healthy tissues.The result will not make you wait - new pimples will appear. And the last, most important thing! The nasolabial triangle is localized on the face, another name is the "triangle of death". It is formed by the upper lip, the lines of the nasolabial folds. The top is on the bridge of the nose. This is a dangerous area for extruding loose elements. In this place, the system of blood vessels leading to the brain is well developed. And, in fact, the danger lies in the fact that during squeezing, you can damage the adjacent vessels, the purulent content will not completely come out, but will enter the bloodstream, which goes to the venous sinuses and meninges. The result is venous sinus thrombosis, meningitis and other unpleasant consequences Of course, such a scenario of the development of events is unlikely, but it is also worth knowing about it. Forewarned means armed.



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