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The dermatoscope allows for a thorough examination of new formations, their color, and the microstructures of different layers of the skin. The device has shown particular effectiveness in diagnosing melanoma (skin cancer). It's worth noting that early detection of this disease ensures successful treatment in 98% of cases.
One of the significant advantages of digital dermatoscopy is the ability to create a special map of moles on the entire body. With each new diagnosis, the device detects new formations that have recently appeared because no doctor can remember all formations on your skin and their condition. Meanwhile, data from previous examinations are stored in the program.

When should moles be examined?

Every person has moles on their skin, and new ones may appear throughout life. They can be benign, posing no threat to health and life, or malignant. Global practice has proven the effectiveness of digital dermatoscopy in early detection of skin cancer. Thanks to this method, it is possible to detect 20% more cases of oncopathology than with regular clinical examination.
Preventive dermatoscopy is recommended if:

  • You have many moles on your body;
  • You notice any changes in the appearance of a mole: changes in color, shape, increased size, itching, or bleeding;
  • You have large moles (5-6 cm) of a dark color;
  • If you have damaged a mole (examination is done after the wound has healed);
  • You have fair skin sensitive to ultraviolet rays;
  • You have ever had sunburns;
  • In your family, there have been cases of skin cancer;
  • Growths are located on exposed areas of the skin (exposed to ultraviolet radiation) or in areas prone to easy injury, such as the neck;
  • You just want to make sure about your moles.

In general, dermatologists recommend undergoing a preventive examination of moles once a year. In the case of new formations that require monitoring, this should be done every 6 months.

How is digital dermatoscopy performed?

There's no special preparation required for dermatoscopy. It's entirely safe for all age groups: adolescents, pregnant women, and elderly individuals.
During the examination, concentrated light is directed onto the new formations, penetrating all layers of the skin. Multiple magnifications allow the dermatologist to detect even the slightest changes. A digital dermatoscope can distinguish structural skin changes as small as 0.2 micrometers (for comparison: a freckle is approximately 1 micrometer).
When examining, the following criteria are important:

  • Change or heterogeneity in structure;
  • Surface heterogeneity, including the presence of thickening, cracks, ulcers;
  • Areas of inflammation;
  • Changes in size and contours;
  • Presence of scaling.

Equipment for digital dermatoscopy in Lviv

Dermatologists at the "LeoDerm" clinic in Lviv use the FotoFinder digital dermatoscope and a fluorescent microscope with the ability to magnify images up to 40 times, which allows for a careful examination of the skin surface and the detection of initial changes. With the help of FotoFinder, they assess the shape and color of moles, as well as other characteristics. Particular attention is paid to changes that occur over time.

The maximum accuracy of digital dermatoscopy: 20-140x magnification of any lesion and software processing of the results provide the doctor with all the necessary tools for an accurate diagnosis.

Observing the dynamics allows not only for a high-quality diagnosis of skin lesions but also for preserving the results of each examination. Thus, during each subsequent visit, the doctor receives detailed information from the FotoFinder dermatoscope program: enlarged visual data (photographs) of each mole from all previous visits, its qualitative characteristics—color, size, asymmetry, etc. These data enable the doctor to detect the smallest changes.

Now, highly accurate digital dermatoscopy in Lviv is accessible to everyone. You can schedule an appointment with a dermatologist at the "LeoDerm" clinic. We recommend undergoing the dermatoscopy procedure if you answered "Yes" to at least one of the points listed above. Remember, early diagnosis of skin lesions is an opportunity to save lives!


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FotoFinder digital dermatoscopy
Digital Dermoscopy FotoFinder (1 - 3 neoplasms)
800 uah
Digital Dermoscopy FotoFinder (4 - 10 neoplasms)
1100 uah
Whole Body Mole Mapping + Diagnostics
3200 uah
Whole Body Mole Mapping + Re-diagnostics
3500 uah
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