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What is the difference between a plantar callositу and a corn?

A plantar callosity is a thickening of the skin of the foot that occurs as a result of excessive pressure on certain areas of the skin.  More often they are formed in the fair sex, this is a kind of "price" for wearing high heels.  If the problem of uncomfortable shoes is not solved, over time, dry calluses form on the soles of the feet - a source of constant and quite noticeable discomfort.  Most often, they are formed on the pads of the fingers and between them.  In some cases, calluses may form. They are the most frequent reason for contacting dermatologists and podiatrists, because they cause noticeable pain and discomfort.
The peculiarity of a callus is that it has a kind of "root" that grows deep into the soft tissues, causing pain with every pressure.  Often, the cosmetology problem is complicated by a fungal infection, because the dead skin tissue around the corns is an ideal environment for the reproduction of fungi and microorganisms.


Removal of calluses on the feet

The easiest and most affordable way to get rid of calluses is mechanical removal using a diamond bur.  Removal of calluses and calluses at the Leoderm clinic in Lviv is performed by grinding the feet with specialized cutters of varying degrees of abrasiveness, including the finest diamond dusting.  Modern cutters allow you to remove deep corns.  The grinding procedure is bloodless and painless, but the cosmetologist who performs it needs experience and skill to completely remove the callus or callus without touching healthy tissues.  Removal of calluses and calluses at Leoderm is performed by an experienced specialist on a professional medical pedicure device under strict sterile conditions.  The high speed of rotation and the cooling of the tissues with the help of a spray make the process fast and eliminate any discomfort.


Prevention of the formation of calluses on the feet

After treatment of calluses on fingers and feet, the patient is recommended to avoid taking hot baths for several days, as well as treat the place where the callus was with an antiseptic solution and cover the place with a plaster.

A few more tips on how to prevent calluses from forming on your feet:
    •    choose comfortable shoes;
    •     wear socks according to size;
    •     use individual orthopedic insoles.

Are you looking for a place to remove calluses on heels or toes in Lviv?  At the "LeoDerm" Clinic, you will be provided with fast and high-quality medical care!  Professionalism of doctors, painless procedures and advanced treatment methods - all for the health and beauty of our patients' feet!  Make an appointment with a doctor: +38 (098) 164-52-52.

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