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Melanoma is a dangerous oncological disease with a high mortality rate. Disappointing results are largely due to late diagnosis, when the formation of metastases is already observed. In the early stages, it is almost impossible to distinguish melanoma from an ordinary birthmark with the naked eye.


Digital examination of birthmarks in Lviv

For this type of diagnosis, a fluorescent microscope with a 10-fold image magnification is required, which allows you to carefully study the surface of the skin and detect early manifestations. With the help of digital dermatoscopy, the shape and color of the birthmark or pigment spot, as well as its other signs, are evaluated. Special attention is paid to those changes that occur over time. So, for example, you need to do a repeat examination if the mole has changed color or size in a few months. Now ultra-precise digital dermatoscopy in Lviv is available to everyone. You can make an appointment with a dermatologist at the LeoDerm clinic.


The main advantages of digital dermatoscopy

The maximum diagnostic accuracy, which gives the doctor all the necessary tools for the most accurate diagnosis: 20-140 times magnification of any neoplasm and software processing of the results.

Observation in dynamics allows not only to qualitatively diagnose neoplasms on the skin, but also to save the result of each examination. Thus, at each subsequent visit, the doctor receives detailed information from the program: enlarged visual data (photographs) of each mole for all previous visits, its qualitative characteristics: color, size, asymmetry, etc. These data allow the doctor to detect the smallest changes.


Map of birthmarks

Digital dermatoscopy makes it possible to create a special map of moles of the whole body. Subsequently, with each new examination, the device finds new formations that appeared recently, because no doctor is able to remember all moles on your body and their condition. While the physical characteristics of each neoplasm are stored in the program. Complete objectivity. Digital dermatoscopy is performed according to uniform standards: the photo angle, lighting characteristics, and device settings are the same for each procedure.


Indications for making a mole map of the whole body

  • It is worth thinking about a preventive examination and drawing up a map of moles in the following cases:
  • You have many moles and age spots on your body
  • You have noticed any changes in the appearance of moles or age spots
  • There is a potential danger for the formation of a malignant neoplasm, if moles are dark in color, large in size (diameter more than 5-6 mm), located in open areas of the body (exposure to ultraviolet radiation) or in places where they are easily injured, for example, on the neck
  • Have you ever been sunburned?
  • There have been cases of skin cancer in your family.

You want to make sure that your moles and the moles of your loved ones are not life-threatening. We recommend that you go through the mole mapping procedure if you answered "Yes" to at least one of these points. Remember that early diagnosis of malignant growths on the skin is an opportunity to save lives!

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FotoFinder digital dermatoscopy
Digital Dermoscopy FotoFinder (1 - 3 neoplasms)
750 uah
Digital Dermoscopy FotoFinder (4 - 10 neoplasms)
1050 uah
Whole Body Mole Mapping + Diagnostics
3000 uah
Whole Body Mole Mapping + Re-diagnostics
3400 uah
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