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What types of allergy patch tests are there?

The allergy patch test in Lviv is conducted to diagnose dermatitis. Based on the results of the study, the irritant is identified, and effective treatment is prescribed to prevent future manifestations of the disease.

Depending on the set of allergens, patch tests for allergies are divided into various series:

  • "Atopic-10" and "Atopic-20" include household allergens that can cause atopic dermatitis in adults and children of different ages;
  • "European Basic" S-1000 is a set of 30 most common chemical substances in Europe found in various paints and dyes;
  • "Nail Methacrylates" MN-1000 - the series consists of 10 samples of substances and compounds used in the production of paints, plastics, materials for dental prosthetics, and also found in acrylic (artificial) nails;
  • "Hairdresser" H-1000 - the set contains 37 variants of dyes, stabilizers, metals, preservatives that can cause irritation during work in hairdressing salons or when using hair products;
  • "Household Chemistry" SN-1000 - the skin allergy test consists of 20 chemical substances and compounds that cause dermatitis when interacting with people with polyethylene, detergents, and other household products; "Dental" DS-1000 - contains 40 allergens used in plastics for dental prosthetics, filling materials, and contact with which may occur during the provision of dental care;
  • "Top-3 Metals" ME-3 - is a set of 3 metals (nickel, cobalt, chromium) that most commonly cause allergic contact dermatitis.

How are patch tests for allergies done?

Before starting the diagnosis, the doctor conducts a consultation and selects a patch test for allergies containing the appropriate substances. During the first visit, patches with allergens are fixed on the patient's back, which they need to wear for 48 hours. On the third day, the patch test patches are removed, and a preliminary assessment of the results is made.

The next visit to the dermatologist consultation is necessary after 48 hours for the main examination, based on the results of which conclusions can be drawn about the presence or absence of increased sensitivity to specific substances. Additional examination is scheduled on the seventh day after the allergy test, also with a 48-hour interval.

If there are skin reactions (redness, blistering, swelling) to the allergy tests, the specialist conducts a final diagnosis and enters the results into the screening card. The patient receives a list of recommendations for prevention. After the patch test, appropriate treatment is prescribed.

How to prepare?

An allergy test shows reliable results provided certain recommendations are followed. The patient should refrain from:

  • taking hormonal and antihistamine medications, visiting baths and tanning beds— 7-10 days before patch testing;
  • taking corticosteroid hormones or medications that affect immunity— 2 days before testing;
  • using any body washes— on the day of the procedure.

Allergy tests for children or adults are contraindicated in the presence of skin lesions at the site of testing, active phase widespread dermatitis, or rashes.

Skin allergy testing is conducted following certain rules: avoiding exposure to sunlight throughout the testing period, avoiding significant physical exertion (the patch may come off), it is not recommended to wear open clothing. During the patch test, it is necessary to ensure reliable fixation. In case of appearance and intensification of any side effect on the skin, it is necessary to inform the doctor immediately.

Allergy tests in Lviv at the "LeoDerm" medical center are conducted using original reagents and modern European equipment. Our dermatologist and other specialists will provide consultation, conduct a comprehensive skin examination, and establish a diagnosis with high quality.

We conduct patch tests according to international treatment and diagnostic protocols for skin diseases, ensuring effective research results. The price for allergy tests in Lviv at the "LeoDerm" medical center for these and other examinations will pleasantly surprise you. We offer appointments at any convenient time—through our online form or by calling the phone number on our website.

The information in the article is provided for informational purposes and is not intended as a guide for self-diagnosis and treatment.
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