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Contour plastic

Contour plastic will correct problem zones on your face – nasolabial folds, thin lips, dipped lip corners and crow’s feet, without the need of surgery.

Botulinum toxin therapy

This is an injection method of skin rejuvenation with the use of the botulinum toxin type A. It is purified natural protein, which has the ability to relax the mimic muscles and prevent the appearance of the mimic wrinkles. Also botulinum toxin is used for hyperhidrosis treatment.


Mesotherapy is an individual skin rejuvenation procedure, which can match your own needs. This method uses small injection doses to stimulate the natural processes of skin renewal. It can be applied to your face, scalp and body. 


The procedureincludes the usage of HA – natural substance which is contained in the intercellular spacing of deep skin layers and is responsible for water exchange in the skin. It can be applied to your face, scalp and body.

Injection of polynucleotides

Polynucleotides are the natural fractions of DNA, which have the ability to activate cell regeneration due to fibroblast stimulation. This procedure improves elasticity and tonus of the skin, smoothes out the wrinkles.


It is an individual skin rejuvenation procedure, which is based on the characteristics of our own blood. The specialist does blood taking, which allocates plasma with a huge number of platelets. This plasma will be injected in problem areas.

Lipolysis injection

Lipolitics are cosmeticpreparations made of lecithin, which is absolutely safe for our health. Lipolitics are used for weight loss and are injected in problem areas of the body.

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Beauty injections
from 2500 uah
Contour plastic Juvederm Ultra 2 (0.55 ml)
4200 uah/4800 uah
HarmonyCa with Lidocaine 1.25 ml
10000 uah
Contour plastic Radiesse (1.5 ml)
10 000 uah
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