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Warts are a viral disease.

The "human papilloma virus", which causes the appearance of warts, is transmitted from person to person by direct contact, and the virus is especially easy to penetrate through damaged skin (scratches, scrapes), or through things used by a sick person (slippers, gloves, manicure scissors and even a pencil or pen).


Clinical manifestations

The first clinical manifestations appear 2-3 weeks after the virus has penetrated the skin. It is difficult to confuse them with any other skin disease. "Common warts" appear on the hands or fingers, around the nail. A more complicated option is plantar warts, which, unlike ordinary warts, are painful, causing people to be unable to walk and lose their ability to work. Quite often, especially in young people, warts are located on the face and neck - these are "flat warts", they are similar to the previous ones, but there are many of them and they are more pressed. These warts are often injured during shaving and spread over larger areas. At the slightest suspicion of the presence of warts, you should urgently consult a dermatologist, since this disease spreads quickly throughout the body, and widespread forms are very difficult to treat.