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What is histopathological examination? 

Histopathological examination is the study of removed surgical and biopsy material for the purpose of diagnosing and confirming pathologies of organs and tissues. The procedure is prescribed by a doctor to detect diseases at early stages and obtain an informative picture of the presence and condition of tumors, inflammatory processes.

Why is histopathological examination necessary? 

Histological examination allows tracking the dynamics of tumor growth, as well as changes resulting from treatment. Through the method of histopathology, one can determine the color, consistency, and density, as well as disruptions in the structure of surgical material and tissue. Biopsy and surgical material are used immediately after removal or sampling.

Histopathology of the skin is used for:

  • Establishing or confirming a diagnosis;
  • Identifying and analyzing the stage of the disease;
  • Monitoring the progression of pathological processes;
  • Determining the extent of therapy.

The results of histological examination are used to establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment. A doctor orders a biopsy when there are unclear symptoms that may indicate complex dermatological diseases or oncology.

How is the histology procedure conducted? 

Specialists advise avoiding the use of anti-inflammatory drugs that may negatively affect the results several days before histology. During the procedure, the doctor extracts material (tissue) from specific organs of the patient. The removed biological sample needs to be fixed in a 10% formalin solution and sent to the laboratory. The next step is transforming the material into histological blocks, making sections, and conducting examinations. Based on the results of histology, the doctor establishes a diagnosis.

Histopathological examination of skin tissue is contraindicated in cases of blood clotting disorders, acute infectious processes, exacerbations of chronic illnesses, severe nervous disorders, and diabetes mellitus.

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The information in the article is provided for informational purposes and is not intended as a guide for self-diagnosis and treatment.
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